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On June 4, 1944, American forces took possession of Rome under the command of Lt. General Mark Clark. In taking the undefended Italian capital, Clark's decision allowed the German Tenth Army to escape and inflict substantial casualties on Allied forces in the coming months. The capture of Rome was soon replaced in the headlines with the Allied landings on D-Day at Normandy on June 6th.

How might the course of the war in Europe had been different if Clark had elected a different course of action?


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On May 28, 1754, a small clash occurred in modern-day western Pennsylvania between British colonial forces and the French army. It sparked the conflict that came to be known as the French and Indian War and the global Seven Years War.

How might history have been different without this conflict?


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The Late Bronze Age Collapse was one of the most impactful series of events in history and continues to reverberate all the way through history to the present day.

A Fork In Time will be exploring the myriad of "what ifs" that flow from this event in a special series of episodes. Here is the initial introduction to that series and how our listeners can fully enjoy it.

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