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Latest Updates

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Episode #153 ("Ike Wiped") led the team to several possible paths on an alternative timeline where President Eisenhower died from a 1955 heart attack. We decided at the end of that episode we would have to circle back and revisit some of them.

While some of the original team could not be part of this episode, Don and Chris are joined by guest Dylan Holzemer for the first of these extensions of the thought. This one focuses on domestic issues, and a subsequent one will look at foreign policy from 1960 forward under this fork.


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In our first-ever "Halloween Special", Don joins Eric B. for his concept of a fork that fits the bill and the Halloween vibe. We waive our "viable fork" rule to explore this one, but it is worthwhile to fit the theme.


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This episode combines the first two episodes from our Late Bronze Age Collapse series. Over the next few months, we will finish the series with broad participation from the team.

If you are interested in being a part, reach out to us on the web page or let us know by joining the discussion on our Discord server along with other engaged listeners from our community.


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