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The 1940 US presidential election was historic for many reasons, most notably marking the first and only time that a US president has been elected for a third term, in the person of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Soon after, the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution would impose a limit of two elected terms.

However, in 1789, the potential existed that a measure like the 22nd Amendment could have become part of the initial amendments to the Constitution and thus Roosevelt would not have been allowed to seek a consecutive term.  How might the election of 1940 have been different under those circumstances and how would the election of a candidate like Wendell Willkie have altered American involvement in WWII and the face of US politics in the years beyond? 

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In September 1513, English and Scottish forces faced off against each other in a bloody conflict that ultimately saw the death of Scottish king James IV.

How might things have been different if James had survived the battle?  What is Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s wife and regent at the time, had perished instead?

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Updated: Nov 22, 2019


On March 30, 1981, American President Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt just months into his presidency.

As one of the figures from recent history who casts an enormous shadow even down to the present day, how might things have been different if he had died that day?

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