Chris Coppola

Chris is originally from Concord, North Carolina. He is a graduate of American University with degrees in International Relations and Economics. For the past 13 years, Chris has worked on a hazardous materials training program. There, he develops databases, helps prepare training materials, and writes grants.


Chris has had a lifelong love of history. In elementary school, he would play football with a friend in the neighborhood, then go borrow history textbooks from his father. He also asked for the History Channel for his birthday in elementary school- back when they actually showed history…


His interest in history lead him to find A Fork in Time through a search of podcasts. Since finding the podcast, Chris sent in a suggested topic, and was invited to guest host on the show.  After guest hosting several other episodes, he was invited on in November 2020 as a regular contributor.


Chris currently lives in scenic Wheaton, Maryland- Home of the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere!

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