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Episode 165: American Adolf

Topic Suggestion from Listener Brendan Kelly

As always, we value the topic suggestions we received from our listeners.

In this episode, Don and Chris deconstruct the following received from listener Brendan Kelly.

"What if Hitler's family had immigrated to America? Scenario In 1898 Alois Hitler, his wife, and kids move to the Lower East Side of New York City. Everything else in his life pretty much stays the same. Failure in Art School, Military Service in WW1, etc. He gets involved with the KKK and the Democratic Party (which were pretty much the same thing in the 1920s) Is a speaker at the 1924 Democratic convention, very nationalist, anti-Semitic, pro-segregation, a lot like Huey Long/ George Wallace / Southern Democrats. Winds up in Congress. Supports the Bonus Marchers in 1932, physically facing off against McArthur and his troops...."

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