Ways You Can Support the Podcast

A Fork In Time is a labor of love for your hosts and we hope that you find it both engaging and entertaining.

It is not a commercial venture nor are we looking to get rich with our little musings on history found on this little corner of the web, but there are costs associated with producing and hosting the show.  We are committing to keeping our regular episodes free of cost to our listeners.

We appreciate you and value your support as a listener most of all.  Thanks for being part of our community.

If you are inclined to do more, below are some of the ways you can help.


If providing financial support is not something you are inclined or able to do, please do not feel obligated.  There are a number of other active and valuable ways that you can assist us, including......

  • Tell others about the podcast

  • Share the podcast on social media--you can use the links found on the upper right of each page​

  • Write reviews and rate us on the various sites the podcast can be found such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.

  • Provide feedback right here on the site

  • Suggest topics for episodes

Direct Financial

There are costs associated with sustaining a podcast which you can help us defray and also enable us to enhance production quality and other elements of the endeavor.  If you are interested in doing so, please click here and you will be connected to our Patreon page.  There you will find information on how to become a supporter or patron of the podcast for as little as $5 per month.  We provide special "perks" to those who are able and willing to provide this type of nominal support, including...

  • Exclusive bonus episodes available only to supporters and patrons

  • Priority access on topic suggestions

  • Opportunity to be a guest on the podcast

Support Our Affiliates

Like many podcasts, A Fork In Time has fashioned opportunities to provide special offers to our listeners when you use the services of our affiliates.  You get a special offer or deal and we get a small compensation in return for making the introduction.  On this page, you will find links to some of those affiliates.  If one of them can deliver value to you, we both benefit from you following the link and see if they are a good fit for you.

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