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For our 100th episode, Chris Coppola joins to help us do what we have tried to do so many times before--find an alternate timeline that avoids World War II. This time we will talk about designing the fork in time that could.

Do we succeed?


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1492 marked the beginning of many things "new", including the discovery of a New World by Christopher Columbus sailing under the banner of a newly-united and soon-to-be ascending Spain.

In this third episode on this recurring topic, Alexis joins to discuss the impacts on the native American cultures of the eastern seaboard under a different timeline.


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In May 1992, Johnny Carson stepped down in his role as host of NBC's "The Tonight Show". The scramble for the role as his replacement and subsequent new shows spawned from that scramble changed the landscape of late-night American TV moving forward.

What would have been different if David Letterman had assumed the host role with Carson's departure instead of Jay Leno?


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