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Today's episode provides two previews--both are firsts. LINK TO EPISODE

One is the first episode of the "Late Bronze Age Collapse" series that is exclusively for our Patrons on Patreon. To become a patron and hear the rest of the series and access other Patron perks, you can visit our Patreon page here.

The second is the "inaugural episode" for The Room Where It Happened and provides more details on the show's format and introduces Room #1 and the associated topic. (By the way, the first full episode, Room #1, can be found here.)

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Room #1: The Compromise of 1790 / The "Dinner Table Bargain"

Where: Dining Room of Thomas Jefferson, New York City

When: June 1790

The room that inspired the song that inspired the title of the podcast.

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Shortly after his 11th birthday in 1700, William Duke of Gloucester and heir to the English throne died from complications from hydrocephalus.

How would the course of English history be different had William lived?