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On Cinco de Mayo, many Americans have come to embrace it as an excuse to indulge in quality Mexican cuisine and to imbibe an imported Mexican cerveza or margarita, but many do not know or realize the event commemorated on that date or how, ironically, it is far more potentially important to the course of American history than they realize. How would the course of not just Mexican history, but that of its neighbor to the north and even that of 19th century Europe, if the Mexican forces had not defeated those of the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862?


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Topic suggested by listener Eric Rush.

The Human Genome Project was a 13-year effort completed in 2003 to map the entire human genome. It was a monumental undertaking that is still just now yielding benefits in its application. What would be different if the project had not been undertaken or funding terminated early in the process?

Eric Rush joins as a guest on this topic he suggested.


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