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Let's Play

Since its release in 1959, those who like both board games and history have often found Diplomacy (originally from Avalon Hill and now Hasbro) a way to scratch both of those itches.  Played by the Kennedys and Kissinger, it has long been a game enjoyed due to the challenge posed by success resulting from negotiation and cunning--not dice.

For years, the obstacle for many Diplomacy enthusiasts was finding other players locally to play face-to-face and the time required to complete a game, but the rise of the internet and the ability to communicate and play remotely has sustained the game to new generations by removing both of these barriers, particularly seeing a resurgence during the COVID pandemic.

A brief video introduction on YouTube is linked on this page for those who may need or desire more information.  You can download a PDF rulebook directly from Hasbro's site.

A Fork In Time has chosen webDiplomacy and Backstabbr from among the many fine choices available for those who want to join the podcast team and our listeners in the classic game via the internet.  We thought it would be fun to encourage play within our community of listeners knowing our common interest in history.  For those who have an interest in the wide variety of historical variants that have been created, vDiplomacy is a companion site to webDiplomacy that uses the same interface but permits a much larger compilation of variant games.

A list of private games created for our community can be found here.

Hope to see you there and "Happy Stabbing".

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