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On New Year’s Day of 1511, English Queen Catherine of Aragon, wife of Henry VIII, gives birth to a young prince named Henry, the presumptive heir to the English throne.  Two short months later, the infant dies and a surviving male heir is never produced from the marriage.  How might the history of England and beyond have been different if the infant prince had survived?

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Buzzsprout now estimates the A Fork In Time "listener" count as 166. It is also notable that we now have a single episode that has eclipsed the 200 listen threshold. Thanks for being a part of our growth.

Here are some of the other stats, in case you have an interest.

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The Black Death wiped out perhaps as much as 60% of the population of Europe in the 14th Century and dramatically altered almost everything about society in a matter of decades. How might things have been different (although not necessarily better) today if this pandemic had been avoided?

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