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In late 1939, a German plot to bomb and sabotage Hoover Dam was discovered and prevented.

What might have been different if the plot had succeeded and America had entered World War II two years earlier in response to this different “Day of Infamy”?

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In 1701, The Act of Settlement is passed by Parliament to cement the succession of the English and Irish crowns to Protestants only while also establishing a key foundation of the constitutional monarchy in what would become Great Britain.

What differences might have existed in the evolution of the British monarchy without its passage?

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Xerox Alto (1972)

In the early 1970s, Xerox ruled the office copier world and had the vision to establish the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) as an innovation catalyst for new technologies that would enable it to expand its place as a technology leader. PARC was the place where the first personal computer, computer network, graphical user interfaces and computer mice all had their start—none of which became part of the next phase of Xerox.

How might the world be different today if Xerox had the vision to be the company that delivered the visionary advances spawned by its own creation—PARC—to the world?

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